The Silence that Speaks - #7 - The King's Edict

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This Sunday, we're wrapping up the Esther series.  It's been a really powerful series in so many ways.  We've spent some time in a book of the Bible that many people don't know a whole lot and, perhaps, miss what the inspired writer was talking about.  It also speaks to our hearts because in so many ways, Esther's story is a lot like ours.  No, not many (any?) of us are queens.  Not many (any?) of us are faced with execution as a race of people.   The circumstances of our life are very different from Esther's in a lot of ways, but the seeming silence of God is exactly the same.  When was the last time God whispered in your ear and said, "This is what I'm doing right now."  When was the last time you saw God do something?  I know that he is, but I haven't seen his hand writing on the wall of my life.  God seems to be silent.  How are we supposed to make sense of our lives and the paths that they're taking?  How are we supposed to understand our story?  That's what we want to understand as we finish up the book of Esther. A sermon on Esther 8.