The Silence that Speaks - #6 - The One The King Delights to Honor

Pride comes before the fall. We can see it so clearly in the arrogance and actions of Haman. He goes to extraordinary lengths to put Mordecai down. And yet, in a seemingly coincidental and certainly ironic turn of events, Mordecai gets the honor and Haman thought he was getting. Instead of getting honor from the king, Haman got the death he had prepared for Mordecai. Pride certainly comes before the fall. Pride is such a dangerous thing to us too. Haman’s pole, his gallows, would be our death too. This is where the story turns for Haman, for Mordecai, for us. At this pole, at our Savior’s cross, our history turns and instead of dishonor, the King delights to honor us. A sermon on Esther 6.